About us

Nicolescu Zorin & Associates (NZA) was born when Alina Dăscălescu and Dragoș Zorin joined the team of lawyers led by Andrei Nicolescu, Bogdan Ilie and Marina Dumitrescu under the former name of AndrewID.

The expertise acquired by Alina and Dragos as coordinating lawyers in the working groups dedicated to highly-specialised litigation in the areas of energy, company law, public procurement and construction within a Top 5 Romanian law firm supports the dynamism of the team brought together by Andrei and completes the already formed nuclei around the areas of practice in energy, public procurement and current assistance for business.

Our law practice, despite being newly established, brings together the experience and individual outcomes of our lawyers into a team that is able to address complex and sensitive problems in the fields we specialise in and also provide current legal support to our clients, at the highest level of expertise and professionalism and in rigorous cost-efficiency conditions.

Further to the New Law concept promoted by AndrewID, NZA aims:

To use deliverable-centered and outcome-driven fee structures ensuring our partners’ predictability over the overall costs engaged by each project;

At understanding to the extent of mastering the activity fields of our partners;

To take on the legal project management role within joint teams set up in collaboration with the partner companies;

To support young entrepreneurs in their endeavours to set up and develop local businesses.