Bachelor of Laws- LLB, University of Bucharest – 2006

Romanian and English

Dragoș Zorin


Dragos is a litigation lawyer and head of NZA`s construction and public procurement team.

Dragos previously coordinated a practice group specialised in the same areas of activity within a Romanian Top 5 – rated law firm.
In 13 years of experience in the legal field, Dragos has represented domestic as well as multinational entities in various litigation and arbitration proceedings.

His expertise focuses on issues regarding the award, execution and amendment of complex public procurement contracts for construction services (mainly contracts under the FIDIC Conditions of Contracts – Red Book) and intellectual IT services.

Dragos has acquired an extensive experience in these fields due to his involvement in a significant number of DAB procedures, litigation or arbitration related to price supplement and adjustment, extensions of time, additional costs generated by suspension of or delay in execution, taking over of the works and delay damages.

Furthermore, Dragos has offered day-to-day assistance in the execution of hundreds of projects to some of the largest hydro-power, hydrotechnical, utilitarian and railway developers on the Romanian market.

As a member of the working groups of an employers’ association in the construction field, Dragos has actively engaged in the improvement process of the legal framework through proposals and consultations on draft legislation.

1. Coordinator of the team that represented a consortium of domestic companies in a series of disputes on supplementing the agreement of will of a contracting authority for construction works of over Lei 68 million and payment of the value of these works.

2. Coordinator of the team that represented a domestic company in litigation on the payment of additional costs of over Lei 30 million generated by the suspension of hydro-power construction works.

3. Coordinator of the team that represented a consortium of multinational companies in arbitration for the adjustment of prices and costs of over Euro 4 million generated by delay within a railway refurbishment project.

4. Coordinator of the team that assisted and represented a multinational construction company during the negotiation phase and in litigation on securing its right for cashing an amount of over Lei 100 million against the risks implied by the insolvency of the partner on whose behalf the joint venture’s account had been opened.

5. Coordinator of the team that represented a Romanian developer in a Lei 30 million litigation regarding damages in the amount of the EU funding received for the project, payment of works, extension of time for completion, execution and termination of a hydrologic facility construction contract – point of landing on the Danube – financed from European funds.

6. Member of the team that represented a domestic road infrastructure company in two arbitral disputes initiated by the Advisor (the Engineer in FIDIC contracts – Red Book) for the payment of the supervision services in the total amount of approx. Lei 8 million.

1. Member of the team that represented a consortium of multinational companies in reviews within the procedure for the award of the protection and refurbishment works of the South of the Romanian Black Sea seaside with an estimated value of Lei 450 million.

2. Member of the team that represented a consortium of multinational companies in reviews within the procedure for the award of the design and execution works of the Nadlag-Arad highway with an estimated value of Lei 240 million.

3. Member of the team that represented a domestic company in reviews within the procedure for the award of the execution works for a water and wastewater drainage system in the amount of approx. Lei 100 million.

4. Member of the team that represented one of the largest national providers of IT services and software supply and development in the reviews submitted by several tenderers within the procedure for the award of a contract for maintenance service, extension and development of an Integrated Information System in the amount of approx. Lei 97 million. The issues regarded exclusion grounds, the implications of negative ascertaining documents, how to fill in the European Single Procurement Document, the efficiency of self-cleaning procedures and application of equal treatment in tender analysis.

1. Mihaita Petrus Fundeanu – General Director of Hidroconstructia SA
“Professional, thorough, prompt and very dedicated to the projects he is involved in.
Whether it is about strategies, negotiations or disputes, Dragos has proved the skills required for a successful management of the most difficult and complex circumstances.
For more than 10 years, Dragos has been a particularly important support for us.”

2. Laurentiu Plosceanu – President of ARACO
„Over the years, Mr. Dragos Zorin has proficiently and constantly supported ARACO, both in the efforts necessary for the annulment of unlawful legal acts and in the process of analysis and consulting with the public authorities for the improvement of the existing legal framework, as well as of the general provisions of public procurement contracts applicable in the construction field.
Mr. Dragos Zorin has proved his broad expertise by dealing with a large portfolio of issues throughout the award and implementation of construction contracts.
His thorough knowledge of the national and Community provisions, as well as of the international practices, along with his promptness and professionalism, recommend Mr. Dragos Zorin as an expert in his field of activity.
What is particularly remarkable about Mr. Dragos Zorin is his capacity of capturing the essence of the economic-social relationships and of identifying, by this means, the solutions not easily traceable in the rule of law.”

3. Viktor Bieltz – Deputy Managing Director (Romania) Swietelsky C.F SRL
„I have always appreciated working with Dragos and his ability to manage the most complex projects, including matters of public procurement, insolvency proceedings and intricate issues in construction claims.
Strong negotiator, fine professional, delivering valuable knowledge and proactive solutions”.

4. Cristina Lavinia Şerban
„While working for a company operating in the software industry, I interacted with Dragos as one of the professionals providing legal advice to the company. I had the true privilege to team up with him over several years in a large variety of projects.
Working with Dragos has always been a partnership built on trust, and governed by his strong expertise, excellent command of the law, exquisite diplomacy and unquestionable determination to provide best solutions fit for the specifics of any business environment.
An expert with solid values, a creative approach and to the point advice – the obvious choice in any challenging, complex situation”.