About us

NZA is a professional lawyer society located in Bucharest, founded by Andrei Nicolescu, Marina Dranga and Bogdan Ilie. The nza lawyer team covers a large area of legal services and follows a new philosophy and a new approach, entitled NewLaw.

Efficient and client oriented solutions

New Law is a current practice that is based on optimizing traditional working procedures from the lawyer market through technology. Unlike traditional professional lawyer societies where prices are set by the hour, a professional layer society that embraces the New Law principles has more dynamic services, that are centered on the clients’ needs and offers the optimal solution to answer their requests.

The internationally proven efficiency of this approach ensures that also customers from Romania can benefit cost related, being able to pay for the solutions that they are given and not for the time spent, which is the classical approach. As addition, New Law’s methods considerably simplifies the administrative aspects and the procedures needed to solve customers’ problems.

Services offered by The Professional Lawyer Society NZA

The main services offered by our society are applied in different aspects of the private and the public law. These are:

  • Trade Law
  • Administrative and Fiscal Law – Public Acquisition
  • Litigations
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Labor Law
  • IT and Data Protection
  • Corporate Law
  • Sports Law

Why should you call the Professional Lawyer Society NZA?

The mission of a lawyer is to understand the needs of the client and to bring the right solutions to meet his requirements. And nowadays, the problems that are encountered by medium sized companies and also by the big companies are very different from the ones from ten years ago.

Countless domains have evolved considerably and different segments from the market are undergoing massive changes. By taking the New Law approach we want to offer flexible solutions that can rise to the new challenges that companies have.

The lawyers from NZA have an extended experience with clients from different domains, which ensure the recipients of rapid solutions to their specific problems.

The advantages of working with a lawyer from our firm are ensured by the following reasons:

  1. We eliminated charging by the hour

We are able to harness each task and to measure the performance of our activity through technology, by this eliminating the timesheets and the hourly payment.

  1. The collective good is first in front of the traditional and competitive model

The work structure is created in and environment that creates good communication among the employees, which is reflected in the communication with our clients. Our competitiveness is transposed in team work, making it good way of developing a set of shared abilities, in the advantage of the client.

  1. Real communication maintains real relations

Despite our knowledge from different domains, we want to explain using a casual language the type of approach and the preferred method used depending on the case. Safety, certainty and simplicity of communication are the main values of the Professional Lawyer Society NZA.

  1. We offer professional services on a flexible schedule

For us, but mainly for the clients. In certain situations, discussions on solving certain cases can be done in a remote system. In fact, it helps customers save time and money.

  1. Technology is in our advantage

Nowadays, the lawyer profession involves knowledge and abilities necessary for utilizing technology in a way that a good part of the time and energy can be used for other challenges encountered by our customers. In addition, anyone can pay for our services using cryptocurrency.