Fiscal and Administrative Law

Legal consultancy and assistance services in Fiscal and Administrative Law – Public Acquisition

Auction and public acquisition procedures apply when a contract is made with public authorities and with utility operators. Also, private companies can attribute certain contracts through an auction process. But, not following certain rules or procedures can have very serious commercial consequences.

nza team has lawyers specialized in Fiscal Law, that can offer consultancy so you can:

  • Foresee potential problems and develop adequate strategies to respect regulations and the acquisition procedures and/or public auctions
  • Prepare a clear and well structured approach – From commercial evaluation to the final attribution and execution of the contract
  • Benefit from a representation in case of public acquisition litigations

Our expertise in Fiscal and Public Acquisition Law include:

General legal consultancy regarding the interpretation and application of the legislation for procedure dedicated to public acquisitions

  • Analysis of attribution documents and identification of possible violations of the laws
  • Preparing clarifying documents to check their conformity with the attribution documentation
  • Preparing participation of association agreements and the subcontracting agreements
  • Legal consultancy for negotiating, establishing and executing subcontracting agreements
  • Consultancy for negotiating, establishing and fulfilling public acquisition agreements

If you have a company that specializes in public acquisitions, our Fiscal Law specialists can help you structure your offer, to prepare your auctioning documents and to negotiate the best terms with those participating in the auction.

If you take part in an auction, a public acquisition consultant from our firm examines and disputes the incorrect conditions of the auctioning documents, prepare the offers and negotiates the final agreements.

We offer assistance and legal consultancy to public institutions and to the participants from the private sector for any step or procedure regarding public acquisitions.