We practice Business Law within NewLaw philosophy. NewLaw is a fresh approach to the practice of law that means business understanding, flexible pricing and profound communication.

We believe in for-purpose service rather than legal technicalities coldly mastered.

About us

NZA is a professional lawyer society located in Bucharest, founded by Andrei Nicolescu, Marina Dranga and Bogdan Ilie The nza lawyer team covers a large area of legal services and follows a new philosophy and a new approach, entitled NewLaw Efficient and client oriented solutions New Law is a current practice that is based on …


Work Ethics and Principles

For what you pay:

  • Achieving the desired results rather than "our time" allocated to them;
  • The real value of our services and not the "extra expense" that includes travel, the state in queues in state institutions, or the printing of maps;
  • You will receive fair costs. Our remote working flexibility is a fast and efficient method for all parties involved. What defines us is not the design of our headquarters, but our approach to finding the optimal solutions for your business.

What you will get:

  • We are a professional law firm where the energy of the young professionals we work with completes perfectly with the maturity of our founding lawyers and partners;
  • The basic principles guiding our activity always allow us to think beyond the limits imposed by a formal approach. Thus, I gave up the sober costumes and impersonal legal terminology. No wonder the former customers are our current friends.
  • Our total engagement, as if we were working for our business;
  • Beyond a partnership with an institution, company or company, we are happy to work with and for people. The law is an instrument of the people.
Quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price, we solve complex and critical issues. We know that once the customer's goals have been achieved, we can enjoy our own success.


nza Law Firm approaches the clients’ challenges and problems guided by the concepts of New Law, a new philosophy of the legal practice, adapted to the actual requirements.

Clients that come to us want to get more than just advices and legal recommendations in a technical language. First of all, they want their needs to be well understood, and the solutions to be personalized according to them. Our duty is to deliver solutions rapidly, in a predefined setting of time and costs, and the entire process to be explained in the simplest way possible for it to be completely understood.

We offer legal counseling in our office, in a remote system, but also at your company’s headquarters. Depending on your needs we answer you with personalized services. Our lawyers are specialized in the following areas of the private and public law:


We are on a constant lookout for  talented young lawyers who regard their job as the perfect opportunity to assist their clients with ultimate dedication and improve daily their expertise. We understand the importance of a good match in our team, so we place a lot of importance on face-to-face discussions.

Till we get to know each other though, please leave here your message for us and your CV and we’ll reach back to you.

Contact us

If you like what you’ve just seen, we are more than willing to discuss your counseling needs over a coffee.

We are here to add value through what we know, to help your business solve issues and build nice relationship.



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