IT and Data Protection

IT Judicial consultancy service and judicial assistance for Data Protection (GDPR)

The technological process generates numerous challenges for the big companies as well as for the legal entities. It is a reality that we need to adapt to constantly and which has to be understood and accepted to find the most efficient and rapid solutions for new technology developers, as well as for the people that use them.

Thanks to the interest in different technological resources and, in conformity with the principles of the New Law philosophy, the lawyers and clients of nza Professional Lawyer Society benefit considerably from the applications and the activity tracking and organizing programs, from the easiest of tasks to the most complex ones.

Because of our passion for technology, we offer legal consultancy, specialized in IT industry and in the protection of the personal data and, much more than that, we are open to accept payments in Bitcoins.

This way we offer you legal consultancy, remote or in house, for:

  • Software and hardware supply and acquisition
  • IT services
  • Blockchain technology (decentralized, rapid and safe transactions)
  • IT security and Data Protection
  • Business financing using ICO (Initial Coin Offering) cryptocurrency
  • Investment in cryptocurrency

A business model that follows the current legislation

The technologic process has led to the development of private equity markets up too the point were the current legislation regarding Data Protection had to undergo new national regulations, that are in accordance with the new decisions of the European Union.

Companies that hold on to personal data are forced to follow certain procedures that have been reviewed in the past years, regarding the way they are collecting, processing and storing these kind of data.

This offers more trust to the customers that access the goods (products or services) of a company and shows the interest and respect commercial societies and public or private institutions towards the safety and security of their data.

Our services are dedicated to the development and implementation of optimal solution to the clients from the IT industry and to the finding of new possibilities of following the personal data protection regulations for the firms and companies, like GDPR. Here are some of them:

  • Legal analysis of the data flow
  • Actions in preparations to achieving goals
  • Identifying requests and vulnerabilities of a company or a firm
  • Evaluation of the confidentiality reports and appointing a person responsible for the data protection
  • Legal assistance in accordance with the specifications of the products and services
  • Elaboration and writing of contracts for IT solutions
  • GDPR legal assistance (identification of data and personal data categories and annual update of these in accordance with the GDPR regulations.