Labor Law

Legal counselors specialized in Labor Law

Our lawyers specialized in Labor Law treat this part of the law as being one of the most important of the legal science for the regulation of the rights and obligations of both employees and employers.

We are ready to solve, in agreements with the legal terms, the litigations resulted from the work conflicts. We offer legal consultancy and counseling services for hiring societies, as well as for employees or free lancers.

We answer to every request that targets problems emerged from work conflicts, service providing or commission contracts, so we can solve litigations and to ensure the rights and obligations in commercial societies, syndicates or sponsor organizations are respected.

Our expertise in Labor Law include:

  • Individual or collective work agreements or internal regulation, including non-compete clauses (in the individual work contract) and/or confidentiality clauses
  • Respecting national regulations regarding individual or collective dismissal procedures
  • Respecting the legal terms and context for the procedures for applying disciplinary penalty
  • Developing efficient strategies, an legal judicial context, for solutioning work conflicts, including right and interest conflicts, legal dismissals, discrimination cases, unfair treatment, etc.

In case you are interested, we offer counseling services in Labor Law our office at nza civil lawyer society, but also at your company headquarters or in a remote system.

Problems regarding the job and hiring and procedures in the judicial context that are specific to each situation are fairly complex. Thanks to the experience and the specialization of our lawyers we offer you professional services for solving litigations and conflicts that appear at your job.

The skills and the experience of our lawyers are here to completely change things in case you are an employer or an employee that is confronting a problematic situation at your job.