nza Professional Lawyer Society offers you legal consultancy services in case of court litigations like: commercial litigation, civil litigation, regarding intellectual property or labor law or in case of mediation or arbitration.

In some cases, depending on the type of litigations, it is impossible to solve a conflict through a friendly negotiation. Thanks to the experience of our lawyers specialized in procedures that come with litigations, we have client assist and representation services in front of the court.

In case of a litigation that ends in the court, our lawyers can present themselves in front of the court as well as in front of the Court of Legal Arbitration, European Court of Human Rights, as well as in front of the European Court of Justice – in case of violation of the rights protected through international treaties/conventions that Romania adhered to.

Implementation of strategies to solve litigations in a court

nza lawyers have the required knowledge to meet different legal problems by elaborating the right strategies in favor of the clients.

In case you have a problem that involves the presence in a court of law to solve a litigation, our team of lawyers and consultants will work with you to manage potential risk and implement the most effective solutions.

Our promise is to offer you the adequate solutions to your business goals, for reasonable prices, with legal and in-house counseling, directly in your company or by working with your legal team.

New Law philosophy ­– A new legal typology for solving court litigations

Thanks to our approach, inspired by the New Law concept, we want to work in tight collaboration with you to determine the most efficient process of solving litigations and to answer directly to your needs.

Confidentiality, flexibility and finding the right solution in a relatively short time frame are characteristics that best define our activity in case of business disputes of any nature that involve complex financial problems.