Real Estate Law

Real Estate transactions – Legal consultancy for buying and selling terrains

Any decision that involves a certain transaction from the real estate market is very important, especially if it includes procedures of buying or selling of terrains.

Depending on your necessities, we can help you make an investment plan based on a judicial expertise and in agreement with your business requests.

Our lawyers can help you by providing you with consultancy services during the entire decision making process for the buying or the selling of terrains, utilizing judicial instruments specific for fulfilling your objectives.

nza House of Lawyers specialists can offer you legal counseling with:

  • Creating and writing documents needed for the acquisition or selling of terrains or real estates, in accordance with the current judicial procedures
  • Creating and elaborating property documents based on previous reports
  • Obtaining authorization and approvals needed depending on the specific real estate transaction
  • Developing real estate projects

Come to our lawyers specialized in real estate law to make decisions without risks

If you are an entrepreneur that is looking to buy or to sell terrains or real estate to develop and new business or to extend the current business, it is important come in contact with a lawyer that specializes in real estate transaction.

The legal consultants from nza Professional Lawyer Society have the experience you need to facilitate the process of buying and selling terrains and other real estate goods in accordance with all the current legal aspects.

How can a lawyer help you as a buyer?

  • He offers you legal consultancy regarding the commission contract of the agency or of the legal entity that handles the real estate transaction and negotiates with real estate brokers
  • Writes and reviews the offer and assures you have the support you need to negotiate the counter-offer or amendments of the buying offer
  • Evaluates the financing options or possibilities and solves the problems that can emerge during these procedures
  • Answers to any requests and solve problems that can emerge during the transaction
  • Reviews all the documents and represents you at the meeting for contract signing

How can a lawyer help you as a seller?

  • Elaborates, writes and reviews the listing agreement with the real estate agent on the behalf of the seller, or directly with the person selling the terrain or other properties
  • Reviews the buying offer or the seller’s counter-offer and its amendments
  • Elaborates and writes the contract and other legal documents needed to close the sale
  • Ensures the optimal legal framework for closing the sale, including the documents needed and the financial arrangements
  • Offers you counseling and ensures you have the needed legal resources to fulfill the legal conditions to complete the terrain sale/buying contract

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