nza Law Firm approaches the clients’ challenges and problems guided by the concepts of New Law, a new philosophy of the legal practice, adapted to the actual requirements.

Clients that come to us want to get more than just advices and legal recommendations in a technical language. First of all, they want their needs to be well understood, and the solutions to be personalized according to them. Our duty is to deliver solutions rapidly, in a predefined setting of time and costs, and the entire process to be explained in the simplest way possible for it to be completely understood.

We offer legal counseling in our office, in a remote system, but also at your company’s headquarters. Depending on your needs we answer you with personalized services. Our lawyers are specialized in the following areas of the private and public law:

Trade Law

Why would you hire a legal consulting firm? Our lawyers specialized in trade law offer consultancy to clients that have legal issues regarding trade contracts. Our activity involves more than a “simple” understanding of the legal aspects regarding the trading... detalii  

Sports Law

Trained to obtain performance in the Sports Law domain Sport activities are a part of our life. Either we practice certain performance sports, either we are enthusiastic fans in the tribunes of the big sport competitions, we all admit that... detalii  

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