Sports Law

Trained to obtain performance in the Sports Law domain

Sport activities are a part of our life. Either we practice certain performance sports, either we are enthusiastic fans in the tribunes of the big sport competitions, we all admit that sport is a vital activity in our social life, and also an important economical factor.

Because of this, we think that the sport industry can considerably benefit from our experience and practice in the Sports Law. From elaborating, writing or reviewing of contracts to representation services in litigation cases for performance athletes and professional, the practice of the lawyers from nza is centered on solving legal problems from different sport domains, understanding in the same time the importance of the activities from this industry.

Our experience allows us to meet our clients’ challenges with adequate solutions and various aspects of the national regulations in the sports domain, as well a set of specific mechanisms for solving litigations.

Our legal consultancy and assistance services are intended for the athletes, agents, investors, sports club sponsors, event planners from this industry and for the management bodies of national sport federations.

New Law – The game remains the same, only the results change

Because we follow the New Law model, we offer legal counseling services in a remote system or in an in-house system, at the federation, sports club or company headquarters.

The most important characteristic of the New Law model is ensured by the fact that we gave up on charging by the hour and that we respond to our clients’ problems with personalized services.

To excel in the Sports Law domain, nza lawyers apply a series of principles designed to generate positive results, according to our clients’ expectations.

These principles are based on:

  • A performant consultancy model
  • Evaluating the risks and finding the optimal solution
  • Promoting a solid professional ethic
  • The ability to adapt to clients’ requests
  • Constant evaluation of the actual problems and challenges from the Sports Law