Trade Law

Why would you hire a legal consulting firm?

Our lawyers specialized in trade law offer consultancy to clients that have legal issues regarding trade contracts.

Our activity involves more than a “simple” understanding of the legal aspects regarding the trading activity. We are ready to offer informed consultancy and to solve the most complex legal problems of a company (register licenses, data protection, financing contracts and sponsorship, lining-up with certain trading laws, etc)

Any lawyer specialized in trade law from our firm understands your challenges, regardless of the targeted domain. We want to facilitate a safe working environment and a trustworthy partnership with benefits on the long term.

  • Together we can develop rapid solutions and to offer legal consultancy for:
  • Normal contracts generated by daily activities
  • Registering licenses and activation of software programs
  • Data protection, including GDPR regulations
  • Terms and conditions for various services
  • Tales, distribution, acquisition, marketing, commercial agreements
  • Financing contracts/sponsorships
  • Know-how transfer contracts, assets or technology transfer
  • Francize and leasing contracts
  • Image copyright and talent management
  • Lining-up to certain trading regulations

nza civil lawyer society guides itself using the New Law principles, a new legal approach that involves services centered on the client’s needs. Following this concept we can offer numerous benefits to those that work with us, especially regarding the time and the costs. In the same time, we have the possibility to work in-house for an extended period of time or for a shorter period of time, depending on the necessities.

The legal services that we offer for commercial societies include:

  • Trading contracts – The trading contracts are important for any business, and a lawyer from our firm specialized in trading law works with you to make documents, contracts and strategies to minimalize the risks and to maximize the profit of your business.
  • Publicity and Marketing – we offer remote consultancy (long distance) or in-house (at you firm) for any aspects regarding the publicity laws, from the planning stage to the negotiation of publicity or marketing agreements. Additionally, our lawyers are specialized in solving confidentiality problems from mass-media or royalties.
  • Supplying goods and services – We provide legal consultancy, closely understanding the industrial domain and the commercial sector targeted by you. Call nza civil lawyer society to elaborate impeccable contracts for supplying goods and services.
  • Francize – We are ready to support you through the developing or granting process of a francize with complex solutions. Together we can elaborate a complete strategy. In the same time, we can offer you legal consultancy regarding the documentation needed for different specific procedure for granting of a francize, so that the risk of future problems can be completely avoided.

If you want to have professional legal consultancy services to develop your business and to grow your profit, contact a lawyer specialized in trade law from our firm.