Work Ethics and Principles

Our lawyers have a various set of skills. Thus, NZA’s law firm has a team able to solve a great variety of legal issues, while we guide ourselves by the following principles:

Entrepreneurial thinking
We act on behalf of the partners we represent as if we were shareholders in their companies or companies. Thus, we can maximize their importance for us.

In addition, partnerships created with our clients are not just simple business connections. Sometimes we invest more than is prescribed in contractual terms. Any additional effort is always benefits all involved parties.

To the point skills and abilities
We are young but well-informed lawyers. We are always up to date with new trends, both in legal and business practice.

We know exactly how to collaborate with our clients to identify the right solutions for their problems, successfully embracing our current day-to-day technology to streamline communication with them.

Loyalty, professionalism and full commitment
These principles keep us focused to achieve positive results. Any request received from our clients allows us to implement a series of actions designed to:

  • Solution in an efficient, productive, yet convenient way, to the client’s problem;
  • Prevent problems that may occur later, so that they can benefit from full protection and safety;
  • To help us develop professionally and personally, knowing that the positive results now imply new and more complex actions in the future.

Enthusiasm and passion for the law help us cope with every-day challenges
The status quo in today’s law firm hinders the progress of the marketplace and the development of the skills of those passionate about business law or law.

Today, as young lawyers, we have the privilege of remaining anchored in reality and able to respond with effective solutions to current issues. Our business law business activities involve the constant and unremitting adaptation to current changes in any business environment.